Feb 06 2019 -
Update 1.2
Updated 1.2
New Website: will be Updated Friday 02-08-19 09.00 CET
New Monsters & Spells will be added 02-08-19 09.00 CET
A new Dungeon system you have to be 4 different vocations level 100 + required. will be added 02-08-19 09.00 CET
We will also add a Bonus Doubled Experience & Skills & Loot to all our players on Friday from 09.00 CET To Sunday 12.00 CET ?

Feb 05 2019 -
Bonus exp is over Sadly but wait!
Today we have to inform our players that bonus exp is over and we did something else for you guys we added 8 new outfits
5 new donate weapons,
You can try out and buy the outfits at Npc John

Feb 04 2019 -
Server is finally online now sorry for the delay we have added a 24 hours Boosting Rates

3x magic
6x skill
3x loot
2019-02-04 - 2019-02-05

Feb 01 2019 -
Patch 1.0
Today we have added a new training area outside the city south follow the road and you will found it.
remember there is no protection zone in this Training zone You don't need any training tokens to stay there.
We also added promotion seller in depot +1 floor

Food now gives both hp & mana instead of a 50% chance to get only one

Super/mega/ultra potions have been re balanced